The Girl on Crack

Kiimu is a 16-year-old munkee kiwi that unfortunately does not agree with the english method of kleenex abusement to the third degree. She also wants a more peaceful world for welsh corgis of all snouts, and wishes Mister Rick a happy banana. She enjoys harassing lined paper in their sleep while dancing clad only in bubble wrap to the sound of ice tea being stirred. That could be someone else.

Mm .... crack. XD

Actual Information

personality: genki
hobbies: graphics, drawing, piano, gaming, tae kwon do, boxing, reading, animanga
favorite groups: HAL, Every Little Thing, Do As Infinity
favorite singers: Maaya Sakamoto, Dido, Kylie Minogue
favorite anime: Fruits Basket
favorite manga: Flame of Recca
bishounen: Koganei (FoR and BOYFRIEND XD), Ryudo (Grandia 2), Syaoran (CCS), Sora (KH), Weasley twins (HP), Kyou (FB)
heroines: Kid (Chrono Cross), Ginny (HP), Sango (IY), Misao (RK), Sakura (KKNJ), Tsubasa (KKNJ), Yukino (KKNJ)

reading: The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones
listening to: Third Eye Blind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matchbox Twenty, Welbilt
playing: Wind Waker
watching: Naruto
manga: Flame of Recca, Naruto, Shaman King, Hana Yori Dango, KareKano


This layout features Ritsu from the animanga "Fruits Basket" by Takaya Natsuki. I don't own Ritsu, he (yes, he) belongs to his rightful owners. I used Painter 6 to draw the images, Photoshop to touch up and crop, Notepad to code, and consumed lots of sugar for inspiration. (Sugar high vs. crack, which gets you the more insane layout?) This is part of the Fruits Basket Marathon. (Buttons will come soon.)


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Links Sophie
Eve-neechama [fic]
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K-chan [fic]

Rose Vine (Sophie)
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Ever Summer Eve
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... on domain names.

Hahaha, I haven't touched this in forever. I came back from Otakon, the motherload of fangrrldom, and got Recca 33, MAR 2, ph33r t3h cute ones shirt, Hoshi no Koe DVD, and a bunch of memories. The report is on LJ, but I think friend-locked ... ah well.

I'm getting a domain (possibly for free =*___*=), and I'm going to get back to my sites soon. Need your opinion.

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:: ::
:: ::
:: something else I haven't thought of but would fit me SO well ::

Unlike a certain neechama, once I have get opinions, I'm going through with it. I like them all the same. *nodnod* Psst. BTW. REMIX-RAIN!!! XD K-tachi give their approval!

I'll also be moving this blog to the new domain under a new name. "Violation of the Rules," because I'm such a delinquent and I <3 HAL. XD Eat this, Lodal, and your little bong too. XD looks so cool. XD

I'll give you a cookie if you can find a pic of me as Skuld at Otakon 2003. *nodnod* Maybe even a doodle. *waggles eyebrows* (Roy Lee did that a lot in October Sky ... *random*)

Ritsu apologized at 07:42 a.m. on Friday, August 15, 2003.

... on apologies and insanity.

So. Yes, I've been a bit of an angry ass lately. Particularly to this one, but whatever. We're sisters, we fight.

Okay, easy outline of what's going on Kim's head right now:

  • Anna, you need to use headphones. Honestly, dear, you'll never convert me to jrock, I don't appreciate Christina Aguilera or Shania Twain, and it'd be nice for a piece of sanity.
  • You need to calm down just a bit in front of other people. I'm not asking you to change yourself, but to ... you know. Not freak out when other people come. Like, finding pillows and stuff. It's a bit insane.
  • Sophie brought her brother to Pirates. I seriously could've brought you, and it wouldn't have mattered. You should've come! Honestly! XP No one /hates/ you, they just think you're off your rocker.
  • Oh dear, dad's turned me into him. You should've said something to me. Please slap me upon sight next time you see me. Don't do your algebra, don't do extra piano, whatever. Ignore me.
  • Dad ... has been a bigger ass than me. He doesn't know how to talk about ANYTHING but college. College college college. Now he's just starting to give me nonsense advice. 'Don't study in CA because of the gay population?' *dies* He's been having me crack down on my PSATs and SATs. I've been studying an hour a day, going to more TKD sessions, practicing piano (I've got TWO concertos now, count them, TWO! along with jazz, spring festival, and a bunch of other stuff. X3), chores, and I have work. He still thinks I'm a lazy bum. Jeebus, man, what the bloody hell do you want? *stress* Last night, he came to pick me up from a sewing party (wheee~!) at Frazier's grandparents'. He sat there talking for 40 MINUTES. First, he bragged. Then he RANTED ABOUT HOW I DO NO WORK. WHILE I WAS STANDING THERE. I ran downstairs and proceeded to bury my head in Frazier's couch.

    End point on this bullet : I've been working my ass off for my dad's approval this summer, and I'm quite jealous of you for being able to hang out at home doing nothing. Jealous to the point where it pisses me off that you don't do work. I overreacted. I'm sorry. Normally, I'd be bumming wiff you, but I'm a silly Kiimu.
In short, Anna, you manage to piss me off so much, but as of late, any bad talk about me is deserved. I think I'm justified in /some/ of my anger, but not all. Can we kill Dad together? Please? Burn your algebra???? Skip merrily throughout the halls of Otakon as bask in the lack of parents? You ARE going, Erin's already got you in a room.

And I lied. I do care. We're just both horribly angsty teenage asian girls living in the same house with a lot of ANGER.

Ritsu apologized at 06:59 a.m. on Monday, July 21, 2003.

... on a certain houshisama who owns my soul. XD

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

Neechama, I wasn't even trying. XD

Ritsu apologized at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 20, 2003.

... on random webcomic happiness.



Ritsu apologized at 09:16 a.m. on Monday, July 14, 2003.

... on OotP.

Thuy and her friend talking about HP. Switches to me midway.

MrPenguin888: haha, what have you been up to?
KaiusKassius: been reading
MrPenguin888: reading what/
KaiusKassius: harry potter
MrPenguin888: hahah, i'm reading it also
MrPenguin888: what part are you at?
KaiusKassius: oh, I finished.
KaiusKassius: finished it last monday
KaiusKassius: I've been reading the other four
KaiusKassius: just finished the 4th one today
KaiusKassius: what part are you at?
MrPenguin888: hmm, it's the end of their first D.A. meeting MrPenguin888: what's going to happen with him and cho?why is she so chummy with him lately?
KaiusKassius: the DA meeting at the Hog's head or the one at the room of requirement?
MrPenguin888: room of requirement
KaiusKassius: cool
MrPenguin888: so i guess i'm fairly far along into it
MrPenguin888: i just don't trust cho at all. hahah
KaiusKassius: she's not bad
KaiusKassius: what do you think of prof umbridge?
MrPenguin888: i absolu tely hate her!!!
MrPenguin888: hahahah, the fuzzy pink cardigan? my gosh! h ahahaha
KaiusKassius: yeah
MrPenguin888: and all of those proclamations she's been giving
MrPenguin888: what did you think?
KaiusKassius: hated her too.
KaiusKassius: especially the quill that writes with blood
MrPenguin888: i didn't like that either.
MrPenguin888: there seems to be so much meddling with the ministry in this book.
KaiusKassius: oh yeah
MrPenguin888: gee, i wonder if good ol' rowling likes her parliament at all, eh?
KaiusKassius: there's much more meddling too
MrPenguin888: like what?
KaiusKassius: i'm not gonna tell you
MrPenguin888: i don't know- but my cousin DID tell me who died
MrPenguin888: hahah
MrPenguin888: i even read the passage- i do have to say so myself- very lamely written
KaiusKassius: haha. well its a much better passage if you read it with the flow of the story and not outside of the low
KaiusKassius: flwo*
KaiusKassius: flow*
MrPenguin888: :-P my cousin's arguing and saying no it's not
MrPenguin888: i don't know- i haven't gotten to that part yet- but i truly can't say whether or not i like this book yet....
KaiusKassius: haha.
KaiusKassius: why does your cousin say its lame?
MrPenguin888: what did you think?
KaiusKassius: oh, I liked it. very good book, in my opinion.
MrPenguin888: because she says it's so stereotypical...very very theatric and just not so believable...
KaiusKassius: how so?
MrPenguin888: here- you can talk to her
KaiusKassius: haha
MrPenguin888: yeah, kim here.
KaiusKassius: hey
MrPenguin888: okay, that was totally melodramatic.
MrPenguin888: you can imagine the slow-mo sirius flying through the air and harry going "noooooooo"
MrPenguin888: don't tell me that isn't at least a little cliched
KaiusKassius: yeah, I agree on that point, but I still like the passage. I mean, what did you expect if it was going to be him that died?
MrPenguin888: I dunno. Either way, he's coming back in some way.
MrPenguin888: I'm not as shocked and horrified as nearly half the readers.
KaiusKassius: how do you figure he'll be back? he's dead. the mirror didn't work and even nick said that he was dead and wouldn't be back.
MrPenguin888: the luna quote?
KaiusKassius: i mean he could very well come back as a memory for harry like his father does sometimes but other than that I don't see it
KaiusKassius: luna quote?
MrPenguin888: "It's not like I'll never see her again."
MrPenguin888: Sirius was one of Rowling's favorites and a fan favorite
MrPenguin888: It's way too early to kill him off.
KaiusKassius: true. but I took the luna quote to mean that when she's dead she'll see her mom again.
MrPenguin888: She referred to the voices beyond the veil.
KaiusKassius: yeah
MrPenguin888: Where Sirius fell.
KaiusKassius: but what exactly is the veil?
MrPenguin888: She hasn't explained that yet, and I expect that she will in the next book.
MrPenguin888: There's going to be some way that Sirius and Harry cheat death.
MrPenguin888: All Harry's got left are the Weasleys. Maybe Lupin.
KaiusKassius: i wouldn't be too sure. Even, JK has said that harry might die.
MrPenguin888: At this point, I don't think many people would mind.
KaiusKassius: why'd you say that?
MrPenguin888: Did you notice that Harry was a bit of a ... how shall I say ... jackass in this book?
MrPenguin888: It's perfectly understandable, she's given all the reasons for it, but it was a bit overdone to the point where I know a lot of people are really hating the boy right now.
KaiusKassius: true. but I feel sorry for him more than hating him.
MrPenguin888: I'm just a bit annoyed at how over the top he went
MrPenguin888: I don't hate him at all.
MrPenguin888: Just annoyed.
KaiusKassius: I don't know, I can't really blame him for the way that he acted.
KaiusKassius: I can see why he did
MrPenguin888: Yes, but it'd be nice if he didn't snap so much at absolutely everyone he loved except for Sirius.
KaiusKassius: most people in a situation like that wouldn't be in the best of spirits and would probably act similiar
MrPenguin888: Yes, but it was OVERDONE.
MrPenguin888: No one can hold in that much without having at least one person to confide in
MrPenguin888: And sirius wasn't exactly avaiable at all times
MrPenguin888: He just exploded so much, it really got annoying.
KaiusKassius: why'd you think sirius was there. that was one the few he truly could tell everything. but when you hold stuff inside you're bound to explode
MrPenguin888: Sirius wasn't always there.
MrPenguin888: I'd expect him to confide in at least Dumbledore or maybe Hermione.
KaiusKassius: well when dumbledore was basically avoiding him for a good deal of the book he couldn't very well do that. I would expect him to talk with ron or hermione but they would probably get too worried so he didn't. And in the end he did end up confiding in dumbledore when dumbledore told him everything
MrPenguin888: meh.
KaiusKassius: haha
MrPenguin888: still.
KaiusKassius: I do agree to an extent it was overdone
KaiusKassius: but I can still see why he acted the way he did
MrPenguin888: I never said I didn't.
MrPenguin888: I'm just saying rowling could've cut down on it a bit.
KaiusKassius: yeah, true
KaiusKassius: shouldn't have been yelling at hermione and ron so much
MrPenguin888: exactly.
KaiusKassius: what did you think when he exploded at the end with dumbledore?
MrPenguin888: acceptable.
MrPenguin888: that was believable
KaiusKassius: yeah. I think JK should have had less little blow ups and just stuck with that one
MrPenguin888: yeah.
MrPenguin888: This is probably the worst of her books so far. I'm not saying it's a bad book, but her writing's weakest here.
KaiusKassius: which do you think is her best of the 5?
MrPenguin888: The third one, by far.
KaiusKassius: haha. that was my favorite
MrPenguin888: It has her best writing and the introduction of the fan favorites.
MrPenguin888: thuy and everyone's watching minority report now, so I'm gonna go.
KaiusKassius: ok
KaiusKassius: see ya
KaiusKassius: it was nice talking you
MrPenguin888: you too.
MrPenguin888: bye.

Ritsu apologized at 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, June 28, 2003.

... on licensed manga and HP.



Tokyopop has licensed Furuba, Get Backers, and /someone's/ got HikaGo manga. *squeal*

Oh, and my thoughts on the fifth book:


-The way he died. Too cliched. Plus, he's not quite dead, is he? Yeah, Rowling, subtle.
-The writing in general. one huge fic feeling.
-Ron lost his spine
-The whole blood detention thing? That was rather tasteless and out of place.
-angst!Harry was overdone.


-The twins. HOLY CRAP, THE ESCAPE!!!!!!! XDXDXD Clever clever boys. Senioritis^2.
-McGonagall. XD "It unscrews the other way."
-Umbridge was actually fun to hate, ignoring the whole detention thing.
-Last of all ... GINNY! <3333 I loved the girl before, but she just got so much cooler. She can actually slap sense into Harry! And she can play quidditch! And she's quite popular ... =^_~= The girl is my hero, j0.

Off to watch 'Once More With Feeling' for the umpteenth time. XD

Ritsu apologized at 05:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 26, 2003.

... on recent events and spoiler fury.

Well, I owe my blog a very sincere and heartfelt apology for being away from it so long. Since I'm feeling very bitter and apathetic, I'll have Ritsu-kun give one for me.


You're very cute, Ritsu-kun, don't sweat it.

So, if anyone wants a rundown of what's been going on in my life ... recent important events in my life include 03's senior prom, finals, and 03's graduation. It's been a rush.

Prom was awesome. I got driven around in a silver mercedes convertible, sparkle over everyone else, and danced quite a bit. If anyone wants pictures, IM me. I've only got a few.

Finals are over. I don't want to think about them until next year.

Graduation was amusing. There were a lot good speakers, including one by Josh Cincinatti (kid at TJ) that finally expressed what I've been feeling about the school for awhile: "You did NOT come for the sports. Get over it." XDXDXD The speaker took too long. Ah well. *shrug* Everyone was so in their cap and gowns! XD I did not cry, but was about to several times. I want more pictures from prom and graduation, since my camera is really crap compared to erin's and sophie's dad's.

I've gotten my fifth book. I'm not touching it for awhile because the death was horribly spoiled for me, even though I saw it coming. I hate being spoiled. I've been waiting too fucking long for this book to come and to enjoy it myself, but unfortunately, you came to bother me about chores (which I had done some of in the morning while you were still on the computer browsing oekaki) and to give me your leftovers (which were cold. I could've taken it while the food was still hot, and you left at least 3/4 of it uneaten.), and bother me while I was in that room with the door shut for what I thought were obvious reasons. Don't give me shit about how you thought I already read the part where (s)he dies, because you very well knew I was still at the beginning of the book, you brat. You don't read. You don't understand. I've grown up with these damn books, and I feel justified in my anger. Fine. Bitch at your friends about me and how I'm so stupid in feeling this way. Don't talk to me. I am currently very sick of you and your constant blogging/oekaki/"nuuuuu"s on AIM.

I'm currently working on ripping the Esca movie for Meg. I'm also playing around with Premiere, because I really wanna learn how to start to video edit. If there's anything I'm looking forward to next year, it's video tech. =^_^= I definitely want to consider media studies for a major in college, and USC's sounding like a /very/ nice place. While UVa sounds awesome and that'll be where all my friends will be, I don't especially want to go there. Or any Ivy League school as my parents have wanted me to express an interest in. I'm not lowering my standards. I'm just twisting them towards something that I'd probably enjoy studying. Something that's not law or business. No matter where I go, I want to be able to make my decision without my parents trying to impose a major onto me, without their disapproval that I'm going to a college only for my friends or my boyfriend, but because it's where I think I'm best suited. I've given up on their approval for my major. They can't control my life forever. I won't run away though. I will keep in contact with them, no matter the lectures and such. It's idealistic, but I need some idealism and optimism right now.

I'm going to be away in Texas starting next Monday.

I got Keryn's layout mostly up. I need to add more info to the sidebar, but it's mostly up. Now, for the other K-tachi ...

I should start on my Skuld and Tomoyo cosplay soon. Damn. =^_^=;;

Ritsu apologized at 04:03 p.m. on Saturday, June 21, 2003.


I'm currently just testing out the Ritsu layout. =^_^= I'll have all the marathon button info ready in a bit and stuff.

Ritsu apologized at 09:20 p.m. on Saturday, May 31, 2003.